Real Estate


Purchasing a property?  Your Notary is there for you!

Whether or not you dealt with a real estate broker, your Notary is your essential point of reference.

In particular, the Notary will verify the titles, the content of the certificate of location and all necessary documents to finalise the transaction. The Notary will also complete the procedures of your financing.

The transfer of ownership of the property will be registered at the Land Register of Québec to make your title enforceable against third parties.

The Notary will obtain from the purchaser and/or his financial institution the funds required for the transaction.  He will make all necessary adjustments, including that of municipal and school taxes, and will ensure to obtain all releases of existing liens on the property to guarantee a clear title.

Entrust your notary as your advisor. He will be available to answer all of your questions and clearly explain each important step required to complete your project.

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